The Beauty We Seek

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hello there! My name is Maria. Welcome to my blog.

I used to write at  It was a project I started before my son was born and chronicled our preparation and transition after his arrival.  I've grown a lot and changed so much over the last 4 years and sadly, I've outgrown that old space.  So it was time for a new a place for my thoughts to live.

What's this blog all about?

Simply put, it's about Beauty...with a capital B.

It's about attempting to live out our Catholic faith, however imperfectly....about weaving in ancient customs and traditions into our modern day family life.


It's about making beautiful things.  I am happiest when I'm creating something, making my home beautiful in some way. And I plan to share projects that inspire and bring joy.

It's about finding beauty in the unexpected and sometimes mundane.

We spend so much of our lives seeking beauty. We see it and long for it in literature, in art, music, in nature, in what we make, what we buy, what we wear. 

Think of a time when you witnessed a performance so beautiful that it brought tears to your eyes, or a landscape that made your heart swell with a longing to stay in that moment, in that exact spot...forever.

We know true beauty when we see it.

Is there anyone who would not desire to see beauty, to be near it, to be it?

This deep desire doesn’t have to be superficial, although this world would have you believe otherwise; we are wired this way for a great reason.  Enjoy the beauty of this world and know that we long for it because it is: 

Through earthly beauty, we catch a glimpse of God, the Origin of Beauty itself. 

Yes, Beauty with a capital B.  HE is the Beauty we seek.


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    1. Thanks so much!! Maybe one day we could talk about bloggy things...I have lots of questions for you :)

  2. So excited to see you blogging again!

    1. Thanks Deb, that means a lot! Hope you are well!! <3


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